Every sweet masterpiece has a story to tell

Every sweet masterpiece has a story to tell

From childhood, we know that the best stories have a protagonist, a secret ingredient that gives them a special magic and a happy ending that rewards the good characters and teaches us something important.

These are the absolute protagonists that have always stood at the centre of all that matters to us.
The turning point that changes the course of this great story is the discovery of a unique flavour.
This is how our sweet products are made, with a secret ingredient you’ll soon discover, that will inspire you to want to treat yourself and let your senses perceive all the qualities.
What does all this teach us? Find out by reading our story right to its "sweet" ending.

The secret ingredient that changed history

Article126_Konditor mit Teig

Every Schär sweet or biscuit has that little dash of ... love. This may seem a little far fetched. Yet, it's the truth.
Every day Schär selects only the best raw materials for its recipes.  It chooses its ingredients with great care, from the eggs to the milk and its derivatives, and from the cacao to the best cereals.  All gluten-free of course. In creating its products, Schär always allows room for new ideas and new recipes based on the immense creativity of its master bakers.  What's more, it is always attentive and committed to guaranteeing reliability and transparency in every production phase for every loving sweet or biscuit.
Isn't this what "love" is all about?

The solution. We all love to be loved

Article126_Fruehstueck mit Choco Chip Cookies

Schär goodness knows how to put a smile on everyone's face. It also knows how to win over anyone who has never tried a gluten-free pastry, bringing a new joy and tranquility into their  lives.
With breakfast in mind and so that no one feels left out, you can present the same delights for everyone, winning the hearts and palates of young and old alike.
None of us should be without loving moments because these are special times, to share with those we care about.  
So whether you are travelling or having breakfast at home, in the office or on holiday, it's always the right time to treat yourself with a little sweetness. Schär sweets and biscuits are the best way to show we care about ourselves and others, because they convey indulgence and love and let us relax.  
There are a few but important truths about those loving moments in general, always good to keep in mind. They are responsible for the natural release of serotonin which influences our state of mind and makes sure we are peaceful and stable.