Gluten free at school, camp, and everywhere else your child travels

Gluten free at school, camp, and everywhere else your child travels

The challenge of maintaining gluten free in school and camp.

School trips, sports, summer camps – at some point the time will come when your child goes on their first vacation alone. If the experience has been well prepared then it will create self confidence and help your child to grow as a person.

We have compiled a useful list which you can give to your child's local camp to make them aware of your gluten free child. 

Your gluten free camper

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  • There are many types of people who may request a gluten free meal. No matter their diagnosis (celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, autism) any amount of gluten in their meal may cause severe reactions.
  •  Gluten is found in the grains wheat, rye, and barley and anything made from these grains. These foods need to be avoided at all costs: pasta, bread, crackers, croutons, breadsticks, pancakes, French toast, biscuits, cornbread, cake, cookies, and pies. Gluten may also be an ingredient in sauces and gravies – soy sauce, roux, and soup bases may all contain wheat which is gluten. Anything with a breading contains gluten. So a fryer that was used for a breaded item is off limits for a gluten free item.
  • Safe foods:
    • Fruits and vegetables – fresh, frozen, and canned – no sauces
    • Rice, corn, potato, plain corn or potato chips
    • Gluten free breads, pasta, and baked goods
    • Milk, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream (plain)
    • Meats, poultry, fish – plain, no gravies, no sauce
    • Vegetable oils, vinegar (not malt), butter, margarine, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, pickles
  • Foods to Question:
    • French fries, rice mixes and dishes
    • Sauces, gravies, roux, soup bases, seasoning mixes
    • Processed meats, baked beans, miso, temper, flavored tofu
    • Cheese spreads, cheese sauces, seasoned shredded cheese
  • Foods to Avoid:
    • Bread, pasta, crackers, bread sticks, buns, and biscuits
    • Breaded or battered vegetables, meats, fish, poultry
    • Baked goods; cake, cookies, pastry, donuts, cereal bars
    • Beer or malt beverages
    • Salad dressings made with malt vinegar or wheat
    • Soy, teriyaki, housing sauces made with wheat
    • Gravies, sauces, roux, soup bases, seasoning mixes

Avoiding cross contamination

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  • Think separate but equal:

    • Segregate flour, breadcrumbs, bread, croutons from naturally gluten free foods
    • Prep naturally gluten free items on separate table: pudding, salads, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry
    • Use separate cutting board labeled gluten free
    • Always use wash hands and use clean gloves
    • Wash surfaces and utensils thoroughly before starting any gluten free preparation and maintain a crumb free zone
    • No double dipping of utensils
  • Grill station:
    • Maintain a separate area of the grill for gluten free items
    • Do not use marinades, sauces with soy sauce in gluten-free designated gluten free section
    • Use separate utensils for gluten free and regular or coated meals
  • Fry Station:
    • Only fry gluten free items in a designated fryer with clean oil
    • No cross over of gluten containing items in designated fryer
    • Keep coating mixes, flour, coated items separate from gluten free items
  • Salad Bar:
    • Separate croutons, crackers, breads etc to separate counter or table from salad bar
    • Keep gluten containing salad items in separate section of salad bar or on separate counter (macaroni salad, orzo, bread pudding, coated nuts or seeds, anything with soy sauce)
    • Be sure to monitor utensils avoid double dipping at all cost.