Worry-free travel and taste

Worry-free travel and taste

Are you planning a holiday in the sun? Do you often travel for work? Or are you looking for a restaurant in your city? To enjoy a worry-free life, put your trust in us. At Schär, we can pinpoint supermarkets, restaurants and hotels with gluten free products near you, and all over the world.

Travelling gluten free? It's really easy with Schär

Maybe you already know GlutenfreeRoads, the app and online portal full of gluten free addresses in many countries. Now all of this is part of the galaxy of Schär services helping you plan your gluten free purchases, lunch breaks, and trips in a simple and optimal way, providing you with countless addresses and a constantly growing database.

We guarantee maximum security - thanks to our quality system, but it’s also thanks to the feedback, comments and ratings from the Schär Club community. The portal thrives on the exchange of opinions, exciting reports and suggestions regarding all things gluten free. This is how we can guarantee constant updates and checks on gluten free points, drawing on the most disparate sources.

For quick snacks, a pleasant lunch or sophisticated dining

Our goal is to make the world “a little more gluten free” where you can leave your worries behind. Let us help you enjoy a “normal” life, keep you in a good mood, whether you're on vacation, a business trip or simply don't feel like cooking. In our app, you will find everything you need for excellent gluten free food when you are out and about. You can search for gluten free cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and ice-cream parlours by country, city or region. You can report your experiences and read the ratings in the Schär Club community. Take advantage of this!


Making gluten free purchases is so easy now

Do you have a weakness for gluten free cookies, or have you run out of bread? Find supermarkets and other shops with Schär gluten free products near you or in different locations around the world.

A carefree stay

The alpha and omega of a successful holiday is, of course, accommodation. Search for accommodation with a gluten free breakfast in your holiday resort area - with many types of accommodation, from hotel to bed & breakfast.

Non-stop gluten free with the Schär Gluten Free app

For even faster and easier access to all our information and services on gluten free travel and eating, check out the brand new Schär Gluten Free app. It replaces the famous GlutenfreeRoads app. Easy and intuitive to use, it makes use of the latest generation of internet technology, facilitating the search for gluten free spots. In addition to the practical help in finding gluten free addresses, here you can find all the sections of the site: recipes, products or nutritional plans. In addition, the app lets you search by radius with GPS location and route planning, assisting you in finding gluten free addresses closer to where you are. Gluten free shopping, eating and spending nights away from home is quick and easy with the new app. This free app helps you plan your trip in real time, so you can fully enjoy your worry-free holiday.
And this isn’t all!  The app provides direct access to Schär's gluten free recipe archive, latest news and articles on the gluten free life and information on old and new Schär products. The whole gluten free galaxy is available in a free app! Download the Schär Gluten Free app to your smartphone with iOS or Android.


Our quality system guarantees gluten free safety

Our database is full of gluten free addresses for purchases, accommodation and trips that stand out for their high quality and reliability. We have devised a complex quality system to let you enjoy a carefree holiday:

  • The personnel of gluten free stores, restaurants and accommodation facilities can enter their addresses independently.
  • The Schär Club community can report on these gluten free points.
  • Validation is preceded by a thorough quality control. The information is verified by the Schär Team, but also through the ratings and comments of the Schär Club community, for a dynamic and continuous quality control. Your contribution in the form of new reports, comments and reviews is invaluable!