Pasta: the essence of pleasure

Pasta: the essence of pleasure

Traditional flavours meet contemporary fine dining in Chef Sandro’s sophisticated versions of the classic pasta dishes of Italia.

Schär has turned to him to learn the delicate, historic craft of making fresh egg pasta, so that we, in turn, can create our own range of specialities.

The historic art of making fresh egg pasta

It’s a matter of millimetres. To get each speciality just right, and properly bring out all the flavours, the fresh pasta has to be rolled to a precise thickness.

Taking all the time you need

To enjoy the fruits of Italy’s finest culinary traditions you not only require the necessary skills, you also need to be patient. Which is to say, whether it is a traditional Bolognese “ragù”, or the filling for tortellini, the key ingredient is time.

Taste of waiting

With time, meats, vegetables and spices can be made to surrender all of their savour and character, joining together to create a single, incomparably delicious flavour.