Bontà d’Italia - Regional Italian dishes, without gluten

Bontà d’Italia - Regional Italian dishes, without gluten

The aromas of Italian cuisine embody the spirit of each region, of every town and of every tradition. It’s something that is closely guarded and passed on from generation to generation.

The real stars are the people. With consummate skill and a devotion to food, they manage to convey their passion through every bite.

Only a true master pizza maker knows the recipe for an authentic pizza. Only a chef from the area of Emilia Romagna can create the perfect balance between the filling and the fresh pasta that envelopes it. Only a passionate cook can successfully combine the required skill and simplicity to bring to the table a plate of gnocchi, which bear all the hallmarks of an unforgettable meal in the bosom of the family.

The people are the real secret ingredient – Schär is well aware of that. That is why we have worked with them in the kitchen to create the same masterful delicacies but without the gluten. At the same time, serving up a genuinely pleasurable Italian meal.

Gluten Free Italian Cooking