Savory snacks: sharing taste

Savory snacks: sharing taste

Schär can't be beat when it comes to having fun and enjoying good taste!

Combining naturally good ingredients, with a dash of creativity and fantasy, has led to the gluten-free savory snack selection: full of flavor and delight, to fill your day with taste.

The best way to enjoy them? In the company of others of course. What could be better than sharing food with those you love? There are so many savory snacks by Schär that each time will be a new and tasty experience!

So… sofa, films, friends and a fantastic mix of Table Crackers, Entertainment Crackers, Italian Breadsticks and many other products, ready to be munched on and savoured one after the other! Or as a special accompaniment to an aperitif, home cooking, or why not, even a little snack to starve off hunger: every moment is the right one!

Of course, taste as well as well-being is important as Schär knows only too well. The care to detail and the reliability that has always distinguished the absolute leader in gluten free production shows through in every product, made using the best ingredients, harmonizing perfectly goodness and healthy nutrition, fundamental and complementary elements that together make great food.