A strong start to the day

A strong start to the day

Making the right choice to fuel your day ahead.

An enjoyable start to your morning . Everyone knows how it is to oversleep, then leap out of bed, rush into the shower, grab a cup of coffee on the run and plunge straight into the day’s activities.You don’t have to be health-conscious to know that that can’t be good for you.

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A burst of energy which lasts the whole day. In the morning, after about eight hours of sleep, the body really needs to replenish its energy and nutrient supplies so that it can regain its momentum. It is necessary to make the right choice. But what is the right choice?

Morning grouches. Not everyone has the appetite for a hearty breakfast at the crack of dawn, as delicious as it may be. However, just a few nibbles can stimulate the circulation. Therefore, a lighter menu is introduced. Whether it is a simple slice of toasted Classic White Bread with a little butter and jam or a creamy yogurt, and perhaps even a selection of seasonal fruits. Anything goes – the fantasy knows no limits.

For large appetites. Anyone who wakes up hungry needs a proper meal. In this case, the portions should also be larger. It is important to have a balanced combination of cereal and dairy products. Fresh fruit and sufficient liquid should also be available. This will ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for, among other things, a quick boost of energy. It also guarantees strong nerves and the smooth performance of numerous bodily functions.

Start the day in a off right. Having a regular breakfast every day is a good habit to get in to. In line with the motto “less is more”, 10 minutes extra can make a real change to your entire daily routine. Strive towards an amiable and unhurried atmosphere and, at the weekend, all your family and friends can help with the preparation. Breakfast is much more fun in a big group. In the morning, make the time to have breakfast together and allow yourself and your loved ones to have a harmonious and healthy start to the day – you’ll notice the benefits!