Slam Dunk Shortbreads

Slam Dunk Shortbreads

Tags: desserts

Try these fun cookies for your March Madness party for a slam dunk treat.


1 package Shortbread cookies
to taste icing
to taste colorful sprinkles


  • Prepare orange and black icing.
  • Gently spread a bit of the orange icing onto each shortbread cookie, using more frosting in the center to create an even top layer. Continue until you have as many desired shortbread basketballs as you'd like frosted.
  • Using the black icing with a small point draw on one line across the center of each cookie, followed by the other lines as displayed in picture till you have all the lines for each mini basketball drawn on.
  • Serve straight away on a platter and decorate with sprinkles if desired for a pop of color.
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